Welcome to Circus Stars!


Ever fancied learning a new skill that will make people turn their heads and say, 'WOW I wish I could do that!'?

Well now is your chance!

Circus Stars delivers workshops teaching many impressive circus skills. With a bit of time and effort you too can be a CIRCUS STAR!

Circus Stars is run by Wez Swain. Wez has over 15 years of experience in  working with young people and teaching circus skills to a very high standard.

Circus Stars delivers workshops throughout the South West.

Some of the skills that can be learnt...


to book a workshop, contact Wez on 07773302854 or Wez@Circusstars.co.uk
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Wez has relocated to the beautiful Isles of Scilly. 
If you would like a Circus workshop at your event please contact Wez to see if your dates match those where he is already back on. If Circus Stars is not able to help, Wez will point you in the direction of the few people he would personally recommend in the South West.